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NamiComi is the global ecosystem for creators and fans of comics and manga. We envision a world where creators can achieve global distribution of their comics, and get the financial support they need to continue producing amazing content.

Our Mission

We believe that comics should be universally accessible, and creators should be fairly compensated for their works. It is incredible that in the age of the Internet, many publishers still use archaic distribution models from the 20th century, restricting access to comics in certain regions of the world. It is also a great injustice that a very successful title usually enriches the publisher far more than the creator, due to predatory contracts.

We are here to change that.

We are building an ecosystem where creators are in control of their destiny. Creators can distribute their comics globally and get the financial support they need to continue creating content. Creators can also engage with their fans, building communities united on a common goal: comics for everyone, in any language, anywhere, anytime.

About NamiComi

NamiComi is founded by a group of friends who have been reading manga and comics for more than two decades. We've worked in the anime, manga and gaming industries for most of our careers and have a passion for close interaction between creators and fans.

We decided to build NamiComi because the existing business models in the comic and manga industries are not in the best interests of the creators. For example:

  • Titles signed to a publisher are restricted by exclusivity and their distribution is limited to their network.
  • Self-publishing platforms developed by publishers use creators as a pipeline for their 'Originals'. Such platforms give preferential treatment to 'Originals' and self-published titles and their creators are often neglected.
  • Licensing agreements, including 'Originals', are predominantly a bad deal for a creator. The biggest beneficiary of such an arrangement is the publisher themselves.
  • Despite there being a global market for comics and manga, translation into multiple languages is still an afterthought for publishers, which is why unofficial translations continue to grow.

NamiComi is the only platform which truly places creators at its core. We maintain an open line of communincation between creators and developers, so that creator feedback is incorporated into every step of the development process.

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