Nami's Treasure Trove

  • Nami's Treasure Trove is a monthly contest held on NamiComi.
  • The first three chapters of a title that are published from the first day of the month to the last day of the month are used for calculating the rank.
  • Titles ranked within the top 3 are eligible for prizes.
  • Prizes are guaranteed every month!

Monthly Prizes

Bronze Chest (3rd)


NamiComi offers, through a partner, to translate the first three chapters to one supported language of your choice.

Gold Chest (1st)


NamiComi offers, through a partner, to translate the first three chapters to all supported languages (currently English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Korean - we may add or remove languages at our discretion).

Silver Chest (2nd)


NamiComi offers, through a partner, to translate the first three chapters to two supported languages of your choice.


  • Monthly contest cycle begins.

    From the first day to the last day of the month, titles are automatically entered into that month's contest when up to the first three chapters are published and at least one of those chapters accumulates over 1,000 views.

  • Ranking is displayed.

    Stats will accumulate for the first 28 days after publishing the first chapter. The ranking will update daily from the 2nd day of the month.

  • Monthly contest cycle ends.

    The last day of the month is the final day on which a title can be entered into the contest for that month.

  • Last day for stats to count.

    Stats stop accumulating for any titles which were entered on the last day of the previous month.

  • Winners are announced.

    Winners are announced on the contest page and social media.

  • Prizes are distributed

    Prizes will have been distributed to the winners by the end of the third month.


  • Nami publishes her manga chapters to NamiComi on April 15th, and aims to enter April's contest.
  • From the moment it's published, it begins accumulating stats across the first three chapters.
  • Several days later, one of the chapters exceed 1,000 views, and the manga is entered into April's contest.
  • On May 13th (28 days after initial publication), the manga stops accumulating stats.
  • Nami's manga is eligible for April's Prize Pool - general rule: you're eligible for the prize pool of the month in which your title starts accumulating stats.
  • On May 28th, all of April's titles stop counting stats, so the ranking is settled and can be double checked by the NamiComi team.
  • On or around June 7th, winners are selected, who are then announced on or around June 14th, on the contest page as well as on social media.
  • By the end of June, the prizes will have made their way to the respective winners.


  • Nami's Treasure Trove ranking is calculated by aggregating and scoring the number of views, followers and comments a title and its first three chapters have.
  • Only the first three chapters count towards the ranking.
  • We reserve the right to make adjustments if we detect irregularities with any of the stats.
  • Only titles that follow the submission rules are eligible.

Submission Guidelines

  • Titles can be published in either English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese or Korean. However, considering that NamiComi's audience is predominantly English-speaking, we suggest publishing the title in the original language as well as in English.
  • Any title that has been awarded Gold or Silver will not be eligible for subsequent monthly contests for a period of 12 months.
  • Any title which has been submitted in more than one language will have its stats aggregated.
  • Titles are automatically entered into the contest when at least one chapter (of the first three) accumulates at least 1,000 views in the relevant 28-day period.
  • Only the first three chapters of a title count towards the ranking.
  • Titles produced with AI are not eligible for the contest.
  • Titles must comply with NamiComi's Content Policy. Broadly speaking, this means that the following are not permitted: pornography (including hentai), child pornography, extreme or very visual gore/violence, works depicting discrimination, and so on. For a full list, please see the Content Policy.
  • In particular, NamiComi assumes that you have the rights to publish the title here, and aren't violating any contractual obligations with other platforms or publishers.
  • Please refer to the schedule guidelines before contacting the support team with questions about the ranking or winners of previous contests.
  • We will announce the winners on Nami's Treasure Trove page and via social media.
  • Creators have the right to decline the prizes, in which case the prize will be offered to the creator next in the ranking.
  • Nami's Treasure Trove will continue every month until further notice.
  • Please see the Contest Policy for the full terms and conditions.