A new trailer for the game Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling fan disc was released, and it confirms that the game will launch in the West on May 28th, 2024. The game will be released by Idea Factory International, physically and digitally, for Nintendo Switch.


A Limited Edition of the game will also be available. It includes a hardcover art book, audio drama set, postcard set with display booklet, steel game case, reversible cover sleeve, collector’s box, and exclusive trading card.

Cupid Parasite- Sweet & Spicy Darling Limited Edition Game Image

The original visual novel Cupid Parasite game was released in Japan in August 2020 for Nintendo Switch and released in English in November 2021.

Idea Factory describes the game as a continued love story of the goddess of love, Cupid, experiencing love firsthand. It’s the tale of when she becomes a goddess.

Los York, a glitzy, trendsetting town, was where our heroine descended. Her true identity was that of the real goddess of love, Cupid.
While working for a major marriage agency named Cupid Corporation, she strived to become the top bridal advisor. She was assigned five hopeless clients known as the Parasite 5!

Even after she guided them through mock dates, matchmaking seminars, and the reality show Parasite House, all five abruptly canceled their memberships! Yet their departures brought all their personal challenges to the surface. As she confronted these issues with them, they overcame many unexpected obstacles… and she fell in love with “him.”