Sawamura Ichi‘s horror mystery light novel series Higa Shimai (Higa Sisters) will be adapted into a manga by Katoaka Junsei and Kondou Kazuma in 2024. Kataoka and Kondou have previously worked together on other manga series, such as Smokin’ Parade, Eureka Seven, and Deadman Wonderland.

Higa Shimai Manga Announcement

The novel series was published by Kadokawa in February 2018, with the first novel titled Bogiwan ga, Kuru (Bogiwan is Coming). The novel won the 22nd Japan Horror Novel Award and was adapted into a live-action film in December 2018. The latest novel, number seven, was published by Kadokawa on March 22nd, 2024. The light novels are a mystery horror series about two sisters who are psychic mediums who encounter terrifying supernatural phenomena.

Higa Shimai Novel Cover 7