Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine confirmed that Fujisawa Tohru’s manga GTO: Paradise Lost will continue serializing on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket website starting in April 2024 under a new name, GTO: Paradise Lost Kai.

GTO: Paradise Lost went on hiatus in February 2023. While it was scheduled to resume in the summer of 2023, the manga did not continue serialization then.

Fujisawa (Kamen Teacher, Rose Hip Rose, Soul Reviver, Ino-Head Gargoyle) started the manga as a spinoff of his original GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). He started GTO: Paradise Lost in the Weekly Young Magazine in April 2014, and Kodansha released the manga’s first tankoubon volume in August 2014. The latest volume, number 20th, was published in November 2022.

Due to the popularity of the original GTO manga and some of its spinoffs, it has inspired TV anime shows and several live-action adaptations.

GTO- Paradise Lost Manga Cover Volume 20

Great Teacher Onizuka is back, and the next stage for his legend is… prison?! The trouble magnet of a teacher reveals that this stint behind bars is thanks to a particular incident with the class he became assistant homeroom teacher of half a year earlier: Kissho Academy’s new class for high school-aged celebrities! Does he regret the exploits that landed him in the slammer? Heck, no. He’s all too happy to calmly tell his fellow prisoners how the whole thing went down—if they’re willing to listen to his story from the beginning…