Naoki Prize-winning novel Hamon (Excommunication) by Kurokawa Hiroyuki will get a manga adaptation by Ando Icori (Butterfly Storage) in Kadokawa’s Comic Hu. The news was announced last week on Comic Hu’s official Twitter account.


Hamon was published in November 2016 by Kadokawa, and it is the fifth novel in the Ekibyougami series, which has seven books. The novel won the 151st Naoki Prize in 2014, a Japanese literature award given biannually to popular new works.

Due to its popularity, the novel was adapted into a live-action series in 2015 and a live-action movie in 2017 titled Hamon: Yakuza Boogie.

Hamon Novel Cover

Kuwabara, a yakuza, and Ninomiya, a construction consultant, run away with their investment in a movie production. Chasing the missing producer, Kuwabara sends members of the main family to the hospital. Will the two be able to get through the conflict between the groups?