Soramichi Megumu’s YoRHa Shinjuwan Kouka Sakusen Kiroku (YoRHa: Pearl Harbor Descent Record) manga will end with the fourth tankoubon volume on July 5th, 2024.

The manga is based on the Butai Shounen YoRHa stage play, and Soramichi launched it in December 2020 on Square Enix’s Manga UP! app. Square Enix released the manga’s first volume in April 2021 and the third volume in February 2023. The manga has also been released in English by Square Enix Manga & Books, with the third volume having been published in March 2024.

YoRHa Shinjuwan Kouka Sakusen Kiroku Manga Cover Volume 3

In the distant future, the Earth is invaded by aliens and their machine life weapons, and humanity flees to the moon. The humans develop android soldiers and organize a resistance army. A long battle ensued & the year is 11941. In order to break the stalemate in the war, a new type of female android decisive weapon, “YoRHa,” was formed and descended to the front lines of the Earth. What is the future of the automatic infantry dolls that fight only to carry out their goal of…. retaking the earth for humanity? A complete comicalization of the musical drama that shares the same worldview as NieR: Automata, written and supervised by Tarou Yokou!