Minazuki Suu’s Yuuryou Bukken Mou Dame Sou: Furo, Toilet to Tenshi wa Kyoudou Desu (Excellent Property, Rejects for Residents) manga will end with the release of the series fifth tankoubon volume. The news was confirmed with the release of the manga’s fourth volume on June 25, 2024.

Yuuryou Bukken Mou Dame Sou- Furo, Toilet to Tenshi wa Kyoudou Desu Manga Cover Volume 4

Minazuki (Sora no Otoshimono, Dokunie Cooking, Judas, Watashi no Messiah-sama, Plunderer) started the manga in December 2022 in Kadokawa’s Monthly Shounen Ace magazine, and Kadokawa released the manga’s first volume in June 2023.

Yuugo Chayama is an unemployed high school dropout renting a dirt-cheap apartment in a building nicknamed the Loser Lodge. Everything is communal in this rickety seventy-year-old abode, from the bathrooms to the kitchen, but at least the rent is a mere five thousand yen! But then, one day, an angel named Hamuel descends from the heavens, having been given the hopeless mission of turning Yuugo’s life around…!