Publisher Idea Factory International will release Temirana: The Lucky Princess and the Tragic Knights, the visual novel game for Nintendo Switch, in the West in 2025. The game was initially released in Japan in April 2023.


Temirana- The Lucky Princess and the Tragic Knights Game Key Visual

In this world, one’s status and occupation are determined by the month they were born. About 15 years ago, in the eastern kingdom of Temirana, the third princess was born: a baby with a birthmark on her forehead. This child was rumored to be the Cursed Princess and was forced to live in a house far from her family and away from the castle.

But things are about to change. As her 16th birthday approaches, she attends the dueling tournament known as Helis Duelm. There, she sees five men glowing with a dazzlingly intense light. Indeed, the Cursed Princess possessed a unique and lucky power. Whenever her life might be in danger, people and places would shine as if to warn her.

Those acquainted with her power warn that those men may have shone because they were dangerous…but she knows their light is different from any she’s seen before. Trusting her intuition, the princess invites the five men to join her order of knights. However, some have no experience with the sword, and others lack interest in knighthood. Can the princess and her small company of five knights overcome the tragedy on the horizon?