Crunchyroll announced last week that the Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Jeonjijeog Dogja Sijeom) South Korean manhwa by Sleepy-C and UMI has been green-lit for a TV anime adaptation. A teaser visual and teaser video were also released.


Omniscient Reader Anime Teaser Visual

Sleepy-C launched The Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint manhwa on the Webtoon website in May 2020. The manhwa is based on singNsong’s web novel, which was launched in 2018 on the Munpia website.

The manhwa can be read in English on the Webtoon website, and it’s also released in Japan under the title Zenchi-teki na Dokusha no Shiten Kara on the Line Manga service. Yen Press is publishing the Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint manhwa in print in English, and it will release the fourth volume on September 17th, 2024, and the fifth volume on December 10th, 2024.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Manhwa Cover Volume 4

As a struggling office worker, Dokja Kim’s sole joy in life is an online novel so obscure that he’s its only reader. Then, one day, the story comes to an end…and so does the world. People all around the globe suddenly find themselves being massacred by horrific monsters or pitted against each other in sadistic scenarios straight out of the novel. However, only Dokja is aware that this is merely the first chapter of what is to come. Knowing that devastating plot twists are on the horizon, he can no longer afford to sit back as a reader—it’s time for Dokja to step up and write his own destiny!