Aniplex confirmed this week that it will produce a TV anime adaptation of Hirakawa Aya’s Mikadono San Shimai wa Angai, Choroi (The Three Mikadono Sisters are Surprisingly Easy) manga. A teaser visual for the anime was revealed, but no other information has been confirmed yet.

Mikadono San Shimai wa Angai, Choroi Anime Teaser Visual

Hirakawa started the manga in December 2021 in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday, and Shogakukan released the manga’s first tankoubon volume in March 2022. The latest volume, number nine, was published in April 2024, and volume 10 will be released on July 18th, 2024.

Mikadono San Shimai wa Angai, Choroi Managa Cover Volume 9

The romance manga centers on Yuu Ayase, the son of Subaru Ayase, a genius actress gifted in all areas of literature and martial arts. Unfortunately, Yuu is below average in all areas, unlike his mother.

While he is painfully aware of the difference in talent between him and his mother, he is sent to live with an acquaintance after his mother’s death. In that home, he finds the three Mikadono sisters, who reign as the “Three Emperors” at the prestigious Saika Academy. In order to fulfill his mother’s last wish to create a happy family, Yuu begins living with the three genius sisters. The three genius sisters look down on the average Yuu but are gradually drawn to Yuu’s hard work to support them and are shaken…confused…and eventually thrilled. A home love comedy about a genius and an ordinary person rising above the rest, all under one roof!!