Make Money with NamiComi

Earn money by publishing your story to fans around the world.

Creators can currently monetize by using the integrated monthly subscriptions and participating in the NamiComi Creator Rewards program.

Creator Rewards

Join the NamiComi Creator Rewards program starting on 1st January 2024, and earn rewards for sharing your content and gaining fans on NamiComi.

To join, you need to:

  • Create an Organization.
  • Set up your Payment Account.
  • Offer at least one Subscription Tier.
  • Publish a Title with at least one Chapter.

While NamiComi is in Open Beta, your Title needs to have at least 100 Followers and 4,000 monthly Page Views to qualify.

You also need to publish at least one Chapter each month to be eligible.

Here are the reward tiers for Founding Creators:

  • 4,000 monthly Page Views: $8 USD
  • 10,000 monthly Page Views: $20 USD
  • 20,000 monthly Page Views: $40 USD
  • 30,000 monthly Page Views: $60 USD

The following reward tiers are available to all creators:

  • 40,000 monthly Page Views: $80 USD
  • 100,000 monthly Page Views: $200 USD
  • 600,000 monthly Page Views: $800 USD
  • 1,500,000 monthly Page Views: $1,000 USD

To participate, make sure your Titles follow our Content Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions